Friday, March 12, 2010

A Bibliography of Non-Fiction

I was realizing yesterday that I've been diving deep into the non-fiction this past 6-9 months - well, deep for me :}. At any rate, I'm about to get another book (and I'm quite excited about it) and so I thought I'd share a list of these books that have been blessing and encouraging me lately.

1-Depression: A Stubborn Darkness, by Edward Welch
This book was a huge encouragement to me over the last year and I've been recommending it like crazy.

2-Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Bible Doctrine, by Wayne Grudem
I've been studying through this with some other women and it's been a huge blessing. We'll be reaching the half-way mark in a few weeks. Woohoo!

3-Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God, by Bob Kauflin
I've started reading through this with a couple other ladies on our worship team. So far I've found it very accessible and it has been encouraging a right and renewed heart toward what we do as servants in this ministry.

4-Transformed Into Fire: Discovery Your True Identity as God's Beloved, by Judih Hougen
This is the one I just ordered so I don't have a personal endorsement at this point. But, it was recommended to me by the person who hooked me up with the first book so I'm optimistic :}. Hopefully I'll have more to say about this one soon.

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