Sunday, April 18, 2010


I returned home today from my first camping trip this year - the first of several I hope. We camped in Hoosier National Forest. It was gorgeous. I'm just a novice camper but I really liked their camp grounds - cheap, plentiful bathroom facilities (which were pretty nice for camp bathrooms), good site layout, good proximity to hiking trails and lakes (open for swimming after Memorial Day, I believe), etc. Plus it's just over an hour outside of Louisville (no matter what Google Maps tells you).

Laura Short, a fellow Sojourner, camped with me and she brought along her 1yr old St. Bernard, Arthur. He was our great protector over the weekend :}

I got to build my first fire all-by-myself!! Laura gave me some pointers Saturday night and then, since I got up first today, I built this morning's fire.

We cooked our fancy (for camp meals) over the open flame Saturday night - skillet roasted fajita veggies and Italian sausage for me, roasted veggies with hummus and veggie soup with Quinoa for Laura. Laura actually brought a cutting board and prepped her meal from scratch. I just bought a bag of pre-seasoned fajita veggies from Kroger :}.

And, of course, chocolate-covered cream-puffs for dessert.

Between building my first fire all-by-my-lonesome, cooking my own meal over the open-flame, and setting up my tent so it actually stayed dry despite the rain Friday, I'm pretty proud of myself :}

I made a few camping supply purchases before I left town Friday and got to use all but one of them. I felt like a pro using my camping skillet and swiss-army-knife-style utensils. The tarp I purchased to put under my tent is ginormous! I think I could tarp my house with this thing. And I think my favorite purchase is my little LED lantern. It came in very it's cute :}

Now that I'm home, I've started a "Camping Gear Wishlist". First item? Air Mattress. Me + Hard ground = Uncomfortable. Second item? Larger tent. I slept diagonally in my tent and I still didn't really have room to fully extend my legs and keep my sleeping bag and pillow from touching the edge of the tent.

I'm really looking forward to my next trip. I hope to try and camp during each break between Theology class sessions.